About BiNG


Family BubbleFor those who have done meditation, you know it is common for a bell or chime to be rung intermittently during a meditation practice. The sound of the bell helps you recognize if you are distracted and not truly present to what is happening in the moment. The sound gently brings you back to moment--back to being aware and mindful of what is happening right here, right now. The sounds gently reminds you during meditation to let go of the distractions and come back to now, back to the present moment.

As a busy parent it would be pretty awkward to carry around a little meditation bell (or what is sometimes called a singing bell) to remind us to give attention to the present moment.  Remembering to ring the bell would be an even bigger challenge for many of us!
If only we could find a way to Bing ourselves back to the moment intermittently as we rush through things with our kids or busily go about our day without observing how we are impacting our child?
Some of us occasionally get Binged inadvertently by something other than a meditation bell that reminds us to "Wake Up!"

Bullet poiint Maybe we get Binged by a word, a message or an idea we hear that really resonates with us.

Bullet poiint Our children are great at Binging us. When our child does or says something that stops us in our tracks (their innocent way of holding up the mirror for us to see ourselves more honestly!), we get that Bing experience.

Bullet poiint Our bodies Bing us at times--giving us a clear message through symptoms like restlessness, pain, even sluggishness--that something is not quite right with us and the way we are living.

Bullet poiint Sometimes a tragedy--something happening to someone we know or love--can give us an abrupt, harsh Bing that forces us to wake up and pay attention to what is truly important in life!


Unfortunately, sporadic Bings like these are not enough and they rarely show up during the time we need to be BiNGed the most. That's why we need something tangible out in the world that gets our attention. So here it is. The portable, visual bell is one that we can all use. Meet Bing.

Meet BiNG!



bullet point gently reminds you to give attention to how you're relating to your child in every moment.
bullet point can help you be more aware of how your child is experiencing the parent-child relationship.
bullet point encourages you to ask, "What am I doing in this moment to help my child grow into a healthy, happy and authentic person?"

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